Popping up at the pop-up shop…is me!

15 Aug

Howdy! Was very excited when asked by Tone off of Oldfield Press to show some work in their pop-up shop in Skipton. Had a lovely time when I dropped my work off chatting to other printmakers. I met the inspirational Helen Peyton and watched her work whilst absorbing what was going on in the shop.

It was great to see so many people coming in and out to have a look, whilst printing and letter-pressing was in progress. For me, it’s so lovely to meet like-minded people who enjoy creating things and coming together to share them. It can be isolating as an artist at times, so any opportunity to meet with others really makes me glow.

The shop and presses (one of which is truly epic and beautiful) are there until the end of August and can be found in Craven Court Shopping Centre in Skipton. Definitely worth checking out by all.

Thanks for reading. HP x













The Sewing Season: Part Two

10 Mar

I’ve made a couple of things with the fabric that I printed. A little fabric basket and a basic cushion cover.

I’ve really struggled with making these due to the poor choice of fabric i’ve been using. Plus when making the cushion cover it took me ages to cut all the squares due to pinning on a template and then cutting them out with scissors – not helped by slippery fabric.

Needless to say I’ve invested in a rotary cutter (wheel like blade that is so much easier than scissors) and some more heavy duty fabrics! Next I plan to make a book bag, a yoga bag and a book cover. I’m just experimenting at the moment to see what I like making most.

Although I find it difficult when I produce something that’s not up to scratch compared to what is in my head, i’m really enjoying playing and learning each time I make something. Thanks for looking. HP x


The Sewing Season: Part One

12 Feb

Soooo i’ve been having a play with printing on fabric. Somewhat unsuccessfully at times but each time a learning curve!

I started by trying with some softcut lino and some acrylic paint mixed with acrylic medium (the stuff that makes it fabric friendly) but this just turned into a big mess as you can see below. We shall call this Epic Fail #1 !



The problem was the soft cut lino being too thin.

So I then moved on to using Speedy Carve rubber which is a lot thicker. Again I used some really basic acrylic and some acrylic medium and the effect was much crisper.

I tried printing on a couple of different types of fabric too. The first one was quite silky crepe like fabric and the other was quite thin cotton which resulted in a darker print.







I also tried printing with some shop bought fabric paint but found it to be quite sticky and left it a bit patchy on the fabric. Think this might have been because the surface I was printing with had a lot less areas cut away. Might have another go at this sometime.

Using the fabric paint I also did a print of some foam squares mounted on a clear acrylic block, again this is a little patchy to start with but I quite like the effect. Looks a bit Dutch, and a bit embroidery-esque!








Don’t forget, when printing on fabric to wash it first then once you’ve printed on them let them dry thoroughly, then iron for about five minutes on the back. I usually wash them again to make sure they have set properly. This is where I hold my breath and watch the washing machine throughout in the hope that everything won’t wash off!

And that’s what i’ve learnt so far! Apologies if this is a bit dry in content but i’ve spent ages researching tips and ideas on printing on fabric so though this might be helpful to others doing the same.

Going to try and sew something next. Watch this space for Part Two! Thanks for reading. HP

The Wedding!

12 Jan

I recently went to a wedding where two of my best friends got married (to each other!). It was one of the most memorable and happiest days of my life. Seeing how happy they were, being a bridesmaid, wearing a fantastic dress and also having most of my friends all in one place.

They got married at the beautiful Swinton Park http://www.swintonpark.com/ a truly stunning setting for a wedding. It also has a cookery school where rumour has it that Jamie Oliver was visiting just a couple of days before!

As well as performing bridgesmaids duties, I also provided the artwork for the wedding invitations.

A great start to 2013 for me, I hope its filled with many more happy days for all of us. Thanks for reading. HP x

Bridesmaids Wedding


27 Nov

Just thought i’d share with you the fact that i’ve got some prints hanging in the upstairs of Costellos Bakery in Headingley. I also wanted to share with you how fantastic this bakery is!

They sell scrumptious cakes, mouth watering pies and some of the best bread i’ve ever tasted plus more. AND all of it is baked from scratch. It is a family run bakery, with two lovely shops, one in Headingley and one in my home town of Driffield.

The Headingley shop has only been open a year and now has the upstairs area open too. It has wifi, cosy sofas, a brilliant free book swap, which I use regularly, and now some fantastic art work on the walls. Not just mine, but several other local artists and photographers too.

A few months after they opened I also doodled on a few of their blackboards, see the results below!

If you haven’t been for a visit already, get yourself down there! http://www.costellosbakery.com/home.html


17 Nov

Just bought a new car, she’s called Floella (Benjamin), so thought i’d get out and about in her.

First stop was S.C.R.A.P on Kirkstall Road in Leeds, which i’ve been wanting to check out for ages. Couldn’t believe the range of fabrics they had in and the prices are great too. I’m going to go back soon to become a member, get some fabric and start some projects! Very exciting. Have a look for yourself http://www.scrapstuff.co.uk/#!scrap-shop

Next stop was Saltaire, one of my favourite places to just mooch around. There was lots going on, craft fair at victoria hall, and the vintage shops seemed to have had a reshuffle on the main street down to Salts Mill.

I can spend hours in Salts Mill http://www.saltsmill.org.uk/ a mecca for books and homewares. I also treated myself to a scone and coffee. Noms!

Floella and I had a lovely day. Some pics below. Thanks for reading. HP x

Yorkshire Yoga

17 Nov

A few weeks ago I went on another Yoga retreat with Reclaim Yourself. There were a lot of people there that I met on my first yoga retreat in Spain. It was great to catch up with them and also meet some new and lovely people.

The setting… The Orange Tree in Rosedale, complete with a yoga space in the eaves (plus a gong!) and a hot tub in the garden. Have a look for yourself http://www.theorangetree.com/ well worth a stay. We were also treated to a weekend of snow, which made the hot tub and the log fire even cosier.

Reclaim Yourself is set up and run by the lovely Jools and here is her website http://reclaimyourself.co.uk/, both times the yoga has been Scaravelli, taught by the gorgeous and wonderful Helen Noakes http://helennoakes.net/

Going on these retreats and experiencing this yoga have been 2 of the best things I have ever done. The weekend gave me hours of yoga, healthy, delicious food, laughter with good people, a bracing walk complete with blinding sunshine then face stripping hail, followed by a heavenley hot tub and sauna! I left feeling like I had a new body and I literally felt like I was floating when I returned to daily life.

Some pics below, thanks for reading. HP x